Individual. Flexible. Competent.

Our team of exceptionally well trained electronic specialists develops precise and reliable solutions for complex electronic applications. Among our constituency are mechanical engineering, measuring and control technology as well as utility vehicles companies.


Unique and individual service, a broad range of products and flexibility with the implementation are our most important characteristics. We offer complete solutions at its best.  These can include hardware and software development, printed board assembly, pre-assembly of electronic components as well as assembly of complete modules. We also offer testing and calibration according to your specific requirements and if requested a precise on-time delivery to you or your customer. Guaranteed.

Our competent quality management ensures best results, based on automotive industry standards.


Founded by Helmut Jentzsch in 1950 as a producer of electromechanical equipment, imo-elektronik subsequently evolved into an electronic service provider. Since 2008 we have been an essential part of the ERICON group, that specializes on processing and production of measurement and control technology products.

With the support of the various areas of expertise within the group, we will continue to further the development of innovative products for global markets.



imo-elektronik - elektronic division of IGEMA GmbH



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